Bishop Kamia D. White

Bishop Kamia D. White Courtesy of Meecee's Photography

Bishop Kamia D. White serves as the founder and senior pastor of REVIVING SOULS MINISTRIES, INC., (RSM) located in Cocoa, Florida. RSM’s mission is to revive, restore, and reclaim souls for Jesus Christ! Bishop White was called and mandated to this work in the year of 2005. Since this time she has established her true call to the body of Christ through the ministry of deliverance. Reviving Souls Ministries is presently under the Apostolic covering of Bishop Christopher Robert Brown III, Presiding Prelate of Kingdom Fellowship of Ministries located in Bennettsville, South Carolina.

Bishop White is a passionate and dynamic preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is an anointed teacher of the Word of God as well. She believes in obeying the voice of God and flows by the Spirit of God in a very unique anointing. She has the heartfelt desire to see the true power of Worship restored back into the house of God. She strongly believes that His Presence is so needed in our churches in order to prepare people to receive both salvation and deliverance. Bishop White preaches a message of hope to all through the power of God's word and her personal testimony of His deliverance power. Bishop Kamia also visits and ministers hope, healing and life to those that are incarcerated. "He sent His word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions." Psalm 107:20.

During the spring of 2010, Bishop Kamia released her first DVD titled "Is My Gift Good Enough?" which purpose is to expose the truth about sexual perversion. Bishop White states that her mission is to see the people of God delivered from sexual perversion through the viewing of this DVD. This DVD is comprised of Bishop White's personal battle with the spirit of homosexuality. She believes that her personal failures and victories through Christ have qualified her to have a voice concerning this subject matter. In conclusion, she gives a response to question posed in the title of the DVD according to Matthew 7:22-23.

In May of 2013 Bishop White birthed a "Changed My Status" initiative that’s designed to strengthen leaders, entrepreneurs and mentoring of those seeking deliverance from sexual perversion. Having walked through this process, she understands the need to be affirmed, conditioned and taught. Her compassion to see others excel in both their spiritual and secular life has greatly influence the launching of "Changed My Status." Bishop White believes that God has chosen her to participate in the strengthening of the whole personal being.